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Monday, September 26, 2011

Listing Prices in Florida Rebounding

Listing prices are on the rebound – especially in Florida -  according to August 2011 real estate data provided by

Of the top fifteen locations where listing prices are showing their highest year-over-year increases, eleven are located within Florida.

The increases in Florida list prices range between Orlando’s almost 11% to Miami’s high of 27.4%

A couple of thoughts…

Brevard County is not listed within the top 15 but does that mean list prices will not start increasing?   I don’t think so just yet as real estate is still very local.  I would just like to see sales prices stop dropping.

This report addresses listing prices but not sales prices.  Let’s see where those are as they are ultimately more important!

More importantly, there are several markets within the “local real estate market” like (1) short sales/foreclosures and (2) fair market/standard sales.

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