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Friday, September 16, 2011

National Home Values Survey Results by HomeGain for 3rd Quarter 2011 - Home prices predicted to go where?

It looks like the 3rd Quarter National Home Value Survey Results by HomeGain reveal nothing new – homeowners and real estate folks both feel like home values will decrease over the next six months!

An optimistic spin though could be the percentage of real estate agents/brokers and homeowners who think values will decrease in the next six months is less than the same percentage in the 2nd Quarter Survey.

According to the survey 22% of the real estate agents/brokers surveyed in Florida believe the values will increase in the next six months.

Click on this link to review the survey results. 

I was not surveyed about Brevard County, Florida but my opinion is prices may continue to drop a bit over the next six months.

I see no reason for real estate prices to increase in Brevard County, Florida although inventory is down to less than 3,300 active residential listings but with a higher than average 11% unemployment rate I doubt demand will go up.

It's a good time to find a bargain in Brevard County, FL!

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