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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What your listing price should reflect?

Establishing a listing price (and hopefully a subsequent selling price) for your Brevard County, Florida home involves an evaluation of several issues.

First of all, the amount owed on the mortgage should not be the only basis of a price.  Nor should a pre-determined “walking away” amount.

Secondly, ultimately it is the market (buyer) who sets the real price.  As a seller your option is how you respond to an offer.

Your listing and eventual selling price should reflect
  1. condition – What is the real condition of your home?  What repairs need to be done?  Is your house datedHint:  Have a pre-listing inspection done. 
  2. motivationWhy are you selling?  Is there a need to sell?  Are you looking to sell, even for a lower price, so you can take advantage of the lower home prices?
  3. competition – What else is out there?  Similar homes, similar condition?  

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