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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brevard County, Florida Home Buyers: Who pays for your real estate agent?

Service comes at a price.  We have heard it all our lives – you get what you pay for!

In real estate, buyers do not pay their real estate agents – the seller does.  Many first time home buyers do not understand this point so they put off buying their first home.

When working with a buyer I have no idea how much I will make or if I will make anything (a buyer’s agent only gets paid if a transaction closes). 

That is the nature of the business and a risk I accept.  I will work to find properties that match my client’s needs, wants and budget as well as their time schedule. 

The question for sellers in Brevard County, Florida is…will your home be one of those I find?

It all depends.

Did you hire a real estate agent who knows how to market your home or one who knows how to list your home and then waits for something to happen?

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