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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brevard County Florida Seller Advice: Wallpaper...never a good sign when selling your home!

Listing appointments are always usually a new adventure – even in Viera neighborhoods where many of the houses are all very similar.

One rule almost always holds true is....You never know what lurks behind that front door. 

Sometimes it can be really scary like a pit bull named Satan.  Yes, I have experienced Satan!

But even worse it could be…wallpaper…yes, wallpaper!

Wallpaper is almost never a good sign.  

One of the things I discuss with prospective seller even before listing price is the preparation for market of a seller’s home[Three P’s to selling: price – preparation – promotion.].

Personal tastes vary greatly.   Just look at what the lady in the check-out line is wearing next time you are in Wal-Mart!

Of all the personal touches an individual can do to their home paint color and wallpaper design are the two most individualized.

Painting is easily overcome.  With little effort that chartreuse wall becomes neutral (beige).  Only with great effort or expense (or both) will that wallpaper become neutral.

Think twice before wallpapering your home if you plan to sell in the near future.

When I walk in for a listing appointment and see wallpaper I secretly wish for an obstacle as simple as a pit bull named Satan!

This was written a bit tongue in cheek, so if you have wallpaper in your home and want to sell, call or email me!

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