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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Home Seller Tips: If you are selling your home this is the most important question you must answer.

Why you are selling your home is an important question for sure.   But, assuming you have already made the decision to sell,  regardless of reason, the most important question you must answer is…. 
Where do you think YOUR  market is going?
We see the headlines and hear the news.  I recently read an article about 23 markets where real estate prices are showing improvement.

Like the old saying, real estate is local.   And Brevard County, Florida is not one of the areas on that list!

If you have already decided to sell your home where do YOU think YOUR market is going?

It is vital to know where your market is headed when you establish your listing price because reducing your price later is not a strategy - especially if you think the prices are declining.

In the past four days there have been over 160 price changes in the Brevard MLS for condos and residential properties.  Almost all were reductions.  The few increases were most the agent's attempt to get property noticed.

Knowing prices will likely be declining in the future should tell a seller to be aggressive (realistic)  with initial pricing.   Chances of selling for more this month than three months down the road is more likely!

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