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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Home Sellers: Make Sure to Check Out Your Realtor® Marketing Materials

Real estate agents are not professional writers.  But they are required to write narrative descriptions of their listings when they place them in the MLS systems.

Sometimes they are very creative in their descriptions.  I have seen the puzzled look on buyer's faces as they see one thing and read another!
The challenge to a real estate agent is to represent a property as accurately as possible - even if the seller's opinion is distorted a bit!   A seller should have pride in their home!

Sometimes a home lingers on the market a while and the MLS needs to be updated.  I saw one last week that touted about Viera a future hospitalThis particular listing was a copy from an old listing as the Viera Hospital opened in April 2011...oops!

Sometimes definitions are not the same like the listing that backs to a canal - technically a big ditch for storm runoff.  Or one of the listings I recently reviewed which stated clearly "home was struck by lightning and burned down."  Shouldn't this be a vacant land listing?

Sometimes we want to target buyers with a bit of a stretch like the one that states "with water in distance" which is not the same as waterfront.

Sometimes the agent seems to be reaching for anything to say like...
  • Two brand new toilets - major selling point? 
  • Really large and really nice  - really? 
I like to have the seller review the MLS narrative as soon as it is written and make recommendations.

If you are a seller your should ask your real estate agent for a copy of all advertising materials including blogs, print media, MLS entries, flyers...whatever.

And remember to have it updated routinely, if necessary.  If your home is priced right, this will likely not be necessary!

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