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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Selling Your Viera Florida Home: The Open House – If Your Real Estate Agent Has One, Be Prepared (and Safe).

I am not one of those Viera Florida real estate agents who holds an open house on just any listing.  In order to consider an open house,
  • A property must have universal (or at least wide) appeal before an open house is done. 
  • A property must be priced within a marketable range before an open house is done.
  • A property must be easily accessible (nearby main routes/streets with no guards who will be giving the third degree to everyone who attempts entry) before an open house is done.
  • A property must be properly prepared for presentation to the general public (including nosy neighbors!).
  • A property owner must want an open house.   I am honest with sellers – very few buyers purchase their home because of an open house.
If an open house is in the works for your Brevard County, Florida home, how do you prepare?
  1. Clean everything – obvious, right?  I know this is not always the case.  Check for yourself, stop by some open houses. [This is where I will refrain from my favorite – if you can smell it, you can’t sell it – phrase.]
  2. Lock away items that can easily be stolen including jewelry, laptops, IPad, cell phones, etc..
  3. Hide prescription medications.  Apparently thieves are targeting prescription drugs during open houses!
  4. Remove/lock away weapons.  Do not leave a weapon where it can be stolen or more importantly, handled by a child. Just so I am clear – no weapons under your bed or rifles sitting in the closet.
  5. Curb appeal – Nicely landscaped lawn and flowers.
  6. Clean the Front Door – first impressions!
In a competitive (buyer's) market, if your home is a great candidate for an open house - use it! 

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