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Friday, October 07, 2011

Why is your Viera, Florida home not selling? Why is your Suntree, Florida home not selling? Why is your home not selling?

While reviewing market activity in the Viera, Florida developments of Wyndham at Duran, Fairway Lakes at Viera, and several of the other higher end Viera communities (actually “highest” end) I noticed several properties where the list price was much higher than the others.

There were some listings that had been on the market excessively long. Both of these issues are rather common in any real estate market. 

If homes are selling in Brevard County, Florida then why are some homes not selling?  Many times barriers to selling are thrown up early in the process such as…
  • MLS-entry only listings.  These are a hassle.  Call the out of town owner, negotiate with the owner, etc.  This is a hurdle that the listing agent could make a bit easier by attaching the property disclosures, etc. to the MLS entry. Folks, it ain’t going to easily sell.
  • Price.  I have seen some that were built in 2006 and are now listed at almost exactly the same purchase price.  Folks, it ain’t going to sell!
  • Price.  Modify the price.  After five months and in a declining market? Folks, it ain’t going to sell!  There is a reason price was listed twice.
  • 24-hour notice.  Challenges to scheduling a showing is another hurdle that sellers do not need in a buyer’s market.  Whether owner or tenant occupied, they will just move on because the home down the street is priced as attractively and they can see it!
  • Agent must accompany.  Talk about a barrier to selling!  Enough said!
Selling a home requires, at a minimum, three things:
  1. proper pricing,
  2. proper presentation (staged, accessible) and
  3. appropriate professional promotion.
As your Viera real estate agent I can do all of these except for the presentation.  It is up to you to....
  1. prepare your house,
  2. maintain it in a show ready condition,
  3. allow prospective buyers reasonable access.
When you are ready to sell your Viera, Suntree or Rockledge, Florida home call me or send me an email for a free market analysis.

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