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Monday, November 14, 2011

Keys to Selling Your Home: Facts, Evidence and Logic

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, 

Your home buyer pool is the most educated and sophisticated group of consumers ever.  Be prepared.
With the amount of real estate information available to the general public there is no reason why anyone should ever find themselves in the dark when buying or selling real estate.  Sure, absolute knowledge is not likely but with what is available there should be plenty to consider.

Seller rule number one.  If you believe your home is the nicest house in the neighborhood, you are probably normal.   That is the reason many of the sellers I deal with in Brevard County explain to me on my initial visit why their home is better than the rest.

Seller rule number two.  If you believe your assumed to be “nicest home in the neighborhood” will sell for significantly more than any other house in the neighborhood, your thinking is likely not completely logical.

If your house is twice the size of the rest of the homes, has the largest lot or is the only one with a pool, maybe it is an over improved property?    Why would someone buy the largest or highest priced home in a neighborhood?

Seller rule number three.  Facts and evidence regarding real estate sales in your neighborhood are easy to gather.

Ask your real estate agent (or email me) what
  1. is on the market
  2. has recently sold
  3. is under contract and, more importantly, 
  4. what has expired in your neighborhood.   
You will then have the real evidence and facts to make a logical assessment of your homes value in your local market.

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