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Friday, November 18, 2011

Older Homes For Sale in Brevard County, Florida: Fully Updated–What does that mean?

I read a lot multiple listing entries about older homes that indicate they have been updated.   I actually saw a sign by the road in Rockledge yesterday where a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) had a sign indicating  "3 bedroom 1 bath home fully updated" for sale really cheap.

And, while waiting for the light to change I having a single bathroom in a house in 2011really being updated.  If one is truly updating a structure it seems to me an additional bathroom would be on the list.

Some residential listings will go so far as to say “fully updated.”   But what does that mean?

If you research active updated residential listings in the Brevard MLS this afternoon you will find something like…
  • 214 listings use the term “updated” somewhere in the listing narrative
  • 11 residential listings use the phrase “beautifully updated” in the listing
  • 17 listings use the term “completely updated” in the listing
Only one residential listing one uses the phrase “needs updating”  while another four listings add the adverb "some" as in “needs some updating.”

I know from experience the number needing updating on the market in Brevard County should be much higher!

This is not a discussion about the value of updating before selling or what adds the most value…only my observation on a Friday afternoon about another ambiguous term used in real estate like another of my favorites “cozy.”  Check out the link for information on improvements and their return of investment.

If your home has not been updated, do not expect to get an updated price. (Is “Un-updated” the same as "Outdated?")

When you are ready to sell your Brevard County, Florida home, call me to discuss how I can work for you! 

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