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Friday, November 11, 2011

Real Estate Advertisments That Work (along with some real estate words and phrases I loathe).

Real estate advertisements, narratives and other media forms are filled with property descriptions that are well, not very descriptive or informative.   We all have different reference points for things like...
  • Cozy.  Cozy can't be positive. A house is not cozy but rather small.
  • Perfect.   Perfect is such a personal thing.  How can you tell me that it is perfect for me?
  • "Huge" Fenced Lot.   There are plenty of zero lot line homes for sale in Viera but .24 acres is not huge.  
  • Sellers say sell.  Okay.  What does the price say?  
  • Lovingly owned.  Nothing more touching than the affection a homeowner shows toward their home. 
  • Highly coveted.  If it really were then why five months on the market? 
  • Slight peek of the ocean.  The complex may be ocean front but this one is a stretch of the neck! 
  • Stunning.  This room will absolutely paralyze you with excitement!
  • Diamond in the rough.  This goes very well with the next phrase.
  • Lots of potential.  Don't we all? The same can be said about almost anything.
  • Adorable.  What does that mean?  In my mind I too am adorable.
  • Festooned with gorgeous flowers.  Why use this?  Is that a good thing?
Taking the above phrases here is a creative narrative that says....very little.
 Seller says sell!  Lots of potential for this cozy and adorable home in this highly coveted neighborhood. From your huge fenced lot you can even catch a slight peek of the ocean!  Imagine the stunning look your friends will have on their faces as they sip their drinks on your back porch festooned with gorgeous flowers while you discuss your plans for your diamond in the rough!
Much of the above is written with just a bit of sarcasm.  Here is where the really serious stuff starts...

So what is the ideal description or words to use?   There is no answer that fits all properties.  But, at a minimum I suggest going with things like "just the facts" - location, age, condition, neighborhood amenities, schools nearby, medical facilities, etc.   Buyers are trying to determine which homes are real candidates for purchase so relatively brief, accurate narratives are required.

Oh, and the two most important descriptors - 
  1. a great price, 
  2. lots of great visuals (photos and virtual tour, if appropriate).
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