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Friday, November 25, 2011

Selling Your Brevard County Florida Home: Sellers want to know these things ....

Home owners considering selling their home usually interview several agents when trying to find the right one.

When I speak with prospective sellers in Brevard County, I know the questions they are going to ask and the answers they want to hear from me.

Sure there are lots of other things to talk about like marketing efforts, open house (or not), preparing to sell their home, etc. but the four thing sellers must have answered before I leave their home include:
  1. How much can I get?  No surprise this is the number one question. 
  2. When can I get it?  Selling is stressful.  People have lives that are disrupted temporarily in the process, moving plans to be made, etc.  In many cases like short sales there are the stresses of hardships that are requiring the short sale.  I understand very well.  Closings typically take about 30 days from the contract date to close. Timing here is tied directly to list price.
  3. How much will it cost me?  Of all the seller cost involved the highest is probably the professional real estate fee.  Remember fees and commissions are always negotiable.
  4. How much do I walk away with?  All of the above questions impact this answer as well as key things like mortgage payoff (if any).
If you are thinking about selling your Brevard County, Florida home, call me to discuss the answers to the above questions.

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