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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Buying a Home in Melbourne, Florida - The Internet is a good starting point but..

The Internet has its limitations. 

Like when it comes to photographs of listings and property descriptions.

[And then there are some  properties that have qualities that defy words!]

Even the MLS system has space restrictions that do not allow the lengthy narrative a property may require to fully convey its desirable qualities.

And then there are those Internet sites that assign an estimate of value to a property from who knows where using data that may or may not be recent.   And the local property appraiser site may not be up to date either.

Still, within its limitations the Internet is a great place to start searching for a home to purchase in Brevard County, Florida.

And then, after you have looked at the Internet, it is time to call a local expert.  As in local Realtor® and not an expert Uncle Johnny, neighbor or your boss at the office!

Don't want to search the MLS system for your ideal home?   Let me set you up with an automated search that will send only the listings meeting your criteria 

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