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Friday, December 02, 2011

Home Buyer Tips: How many homes must a buyer look at before “the one" is found?

Shopping for a home is a process that can't necessarily be defined by a specific time frame.

Once a home is found and an offer is accepted there are usually defined time periods throughout the closing process (for inspections, loan approval, etc).  [Typically the closing process for a standard purchase with a buyer obtaining a mortgage is about thirty to forty-five days after the contract is signed by all parties.]

The key to the home buying process is to understand your housing needs before looking at the first property.

As a buyer, especially a first time buyer, your real estate agent is key here.  Your real estate agent should ask enough questions to understand your requirements, location/area, budget and time frame early on in the home buying process.

So how many homes must a buyer look at before they find "the one?"  There is no clear answer but I am doubtful 30 or 40 properties should come into the scenario!

Many times it may be within the first few homes viewed.  At the other end of the spectrum I have seen buyers who have "refined" their requirements with each home viewed.  I have had clients who looked at a dozen homes only to decide the first one was "the one."

The key to finding the right home is understanding your needs and working with a real estate agent who understands your needs.

If you are considering a home purchase in Brevard County, Florida, contact me if I can assist in any way.

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