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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home Seller Tip: Missed opportunities in this market are not good - accommodate and be flexible.

Sometimes the hardest thing about selling a house in Viera is getting into it to show prospective buyers.

In a buyer’s market there are fewer buyers and more sellers.  During the holiday season, particularly the ‘tween Christmas and New Year’s Day period, the buyers who are looking are serious.

Still, some sellers insist on making it a challenge to show their homes.

Yesterday I showed about five homes although the original list included about four more.   A few more listings I wanted to show were not possible because..
  • Occupied, no lock box, owner must be present to showConfirmed appointment but owner is not at home!
  • Denied showing request because it’s the holidays and the house is a mess! [How about a temporary withdrawal during the holiday?]
  • Can’t show because office will not answer calls or return messages.
  • Occupied, gated, owner must be present and showing appointments allowed on Saturday and Sunday only.
  • Owner leaves town for holidays with the keys and will be back next month.  Hope the agent does not spend money advertising this one!
Not sure where we will end up today.  But we will see homes – maybe some new construction in Viera – after all the prices are really attractive in new as well!

Advice to sellers:  Missed opportunities in this market are not good  - accommodate and be flexible.

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