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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Homes for Sale in Brevard County, Florida -Just because it is in Viera doesn’t mean it is modern…

After showing homes in Viera (north Melbourne, Florida) a couple of days last week I realized this...
Viera may be Brevard County's newest town but everything for sale in Viera is not “new.”
Construction within the planned unit of Viera began almost 20 years ago. There are really two different Viera areas.  Back in 2008 I wrote about it here.

To further create confusion among buyers looking to purchase a home or condo in Viera is there are two different zip codes for Viera – 32955 and 32940.  The two different zip codes result in some having mailing addresses in Rockledge (32955) and others in Melbourne (32940). 

Most of the current new construction in Viera primarily west of Interstate 95.   And then there are the older homes east of Interstate 95 that were constructed mostly in the 1990s through early 2000s before the westward movement.  It is primarily in Viera East where buyers may find homes that have not been updated and, after two decades, are no longer modern!

My advice to sellers in Viera East who recognize they must compete with sellers west of I-95 – updating will help you sell your home.

By being located in Viera,  Sellers have the advantage of location Make it count in this buyers market(Suntree sellers, listen as well.)

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