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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Selecting a Realtor® to Help Sell Your Viera, Suntree and Rockledge Home

The mechanics of selling your Viera, Suntree or Rockledge, Florida home is no different than any other seller in Brevard County, Florida.

Although there are common characteristics and goals shared by most sellers (obtaining the most $$$, timely selling), you are not the same as any other seller.

When choosing a Realtor® to market your Brevard County home, decide up front before the first interview what you are looking for in your Realtor®.

All Realtors® are not the same.  Choose a real estate agent who will listen to you, tell you what you need to hear, and put a realistic market plan in action.
Choose a real estate agent who understands it is about you and your goals and nothing else.
In Viera, Suntree and Rockledge, Florida I ask you to consider me when you are ready to sell your home.

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