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Friday, December 16, 2011

Selling Your Home - Curb Appeal Works Both Ways.

Much has been written about curb appeal.  It works two ways - from inside the home looking out as well!

I was just reading an article about a vacant lot that sold quickly.  What sold the residential lot according to the buyer's agent were the tremendous views.

I saw only one photo of the property.  The photo was a night time picture.  And it did not even include any of the property.

It was a shot of the town square below with all the shops lit up.   And then I wondered if the buyers saw it at night time.  I am certain they did.

Think about this when selling your house.  What will potential buyers see when they look out the front door or the lanai?

The current market is challenging enough without having buyers distracted by correctable issues.    It should be a real concern.  

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