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Friday, January 13, 2012

Brevard County Florida Real Estate - Knowing the “Why” First...

As a seller in any real estate market whether good or bad it is critical to know why you are selling before calling any real estate agent to discuss listing your home.

Besides, any real estate agent worth the time to interview is going to ask you why (among other things) at first contact.

It is a down market.  It is a buyer’s market.  You are not going to get premium dollar for your home or condo.

So knowing why you are selling and what you plan to do next is more important than ever.

Is it to take advantage of the lower prices and move up to a larger or newer home?  Or is it time to downsize to a condo or smaller home?

Or, are you an investor with the cash available to invest in rental properties?  [Rental rates have been increasing in the Brevard County market.]

Or perhaps you find yourself facing a hardship which makes selling necessary but owe more than the market will pay for your home?  Are you a candidate for a short sale?

As a seller knowing why you are selling will help your real estate agent market your house or condo.

If you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home, give me a call to discuss why and how I can help you. 

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