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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Home Seller Tip–Minimize Exposure to Loss When Selling

I am not referring to loss on the sale price of your home but rather, I am talking about minimizing the chance someone may get injured while viewing your home for sale in Brevard County, Florida (or any other place!).

Before you list your home for sale take a good look around your house from a child's perspective.

Even if you have no children think about potential buyers who do have children accompanying them as they view homes.  And, although I am no lawyer, you do not want to have something happen to anyone on your property - selling or not!

Do not leave toxic within reach of small hands.  I know you are thinking that the children should be under control at all times but I have witnessed it – they aren’t always!

If you have firearms, secure them with some sort of locking device or better yet, remove them.  I can recall the times I have shown homes and seen rifles propped against the wall in a closet or under the bed.  I don’t know if they were loaded but still, why have them there?

And think about your furniture layout and lighting.  Maybe you should leave more lights on? 

And think about the calm dog of yours who is friendly and only barks!

And do not forget about the exterior...any holes or low areas in the lawn?  What about the garden hose on the ground?

Risk reduction and management is a key component of any business.  Selling your home is a business transaction you are part of.  I have heard many times "It is not if you will get sued but when!"

Protect yourself by managing risk exposure.

When you are ready to sell your Viera home, call or email me for a free market analysis.

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