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Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Seller Tips - Barriers to Selling Your Home

This short post is not about the most critical barrier to selling your house – price.  Rather it is about the other little things that can interfere with getting to the closing table.

Little things like… 
  1. 24 hours notice required – no exceptions!
  2. Clutter.  Too much stuff is never good!
  3. Pets jumping on buyers.  Love the friendliness but not when showing your home.
  4. Filth. Not talking about a lived in look but more of a neglected, frat house style.
  5. Tobacco smoke. 
  6. Owner must be present - no lock box!
  7. Dark, personalized paint.  Well lighted, neutral works best! 
  8. Showings in evenings only!
When preparing your home for sale try to see "your" house from "their" perspective.  It is really easy if you try.  And some of the things to not do when selling your home...

Preparation and staging a house when selling is key.  You want to impress, not depress, prospective buyers.  You only get about ten seconds for someone to form that dominant opinion.

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