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Monday, January 30, 2012

Selling Your Home–Open Houses are still preferred (by some buyers).

 You don’t see as many open house signs in Brevard County, Florida as there were just a few years ago. 

After all, what seller wants complete strangers walking through their home on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon peeking in every closet door?

After all, open houses are not the most effective means to sell a house. 

Still there will always be those who do not use the Internet (sites like or offer easy real estate searches).  For some it is not they can’t operate a computer but rather because they are "hands on" types.  Still some folks just don’t want to deal with the computer.

Most real estate agents will admit they are unlikely to find a buyer at an open house but may land a prospective buyer client. 

And then there are the sellers who will sometimes use the open house as a method of screening prospective listing agents.  Why schedule an interview when you can observe the competition and their agent in action?

And finally, not all properties are suitable for an open house (location is not convenient to major traffic, price point too high or low, property does not show well, circumstances of sale (illness, death in the family), etc.)

So will I conduct open houses for my Brevard County, Florida sellers?

If any seller requests an open house and the property is one that will attract interest, sure – but not every weekend!

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