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Friday, January 20, 2012

Some things should be obvious...

Some things are should be obvious.  They should not have to be written in the agent notes of an MLS listing for a home for sale.

Something like..... "Seller requests only qualified buyers…"

Home buyers sometimes do not understand how buyer's agents get paid.   Almost always the seller of a home is paying the listing company a percentage of the sales price (always negotiable).  This percentage is usually split 50/50 with the real estate agent working for the buyers.

As a buyer's agent working with buyers I only get paid upon a sale, why would I show a seller's home my buyer customer can't purchase?

As I work with buyers and sellers in Brevard County, Florida, I can assure you I will only show a buyer homes that meet their needs/expectations and what they can purchase.

Further, my expectation is the agents who show my listings are only showing qualified customers

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