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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Brevard County Florida Home Sellers – Pricing to get a "let's talk offer."

When selling your home pricing is the primary issue - period.  It is definitely not how much you paid.

In my experience most sellers naturally assume their home is worth much more than the price. Remember the market (buyer) sets the price. It is up to a seller to accept the offer.

Most sellers have a very hopeful "this is what I want" price.

During your search for a real estate agent to market your home you will be shown a comparative market analysis (CMA).  This market analysis should provide a well thought out, well documented,  analysis which shows you the real prices for homes like your home.

What pricing strategy do you take?

The logical answer is - a list price that will bring an offer.  This offer may not be the final selling price but rather a  let’s talk offer that gets the ball rolling with meaningful negotiations and ultimately a closing.

To get this let’s talk offer sellers must -
  • price realistic to the market and
  • price appropriate to the property condition.
When a seller does this a prospective buyer knows you are a reasonable seller (and serious).   No buyer ever wants to deal with an unreasonable seller.

Appropriate pricing leads to activity.  I have my own rule of thumb on pricing called  the 30-10-1 rule. 

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