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Monday, February 06, 2012

Brevard County Home Seller Tips–Why Did Your Listing Expire?

My original title here was something like "Why Did Your Real Estate Agent Let You List Your Home For THAT price?"

When your real estate listing expires there is a reason.

And, it is not because no one is buying homes these days.

There were over 400 residential properties sold in Brevard County, Florida during January 2012.

The reason a listing expires is most likely related to the price.

I review expired listings every day and send letters to a few of the owners whose listing has expired.  But not to all owners.

Why not all owners of expired listings?

If a listing has been on the market too long and has expired there is a problem.   Or in some cases multiple problems.
  •  It could be price.  Ultimately it does come down to this.
  • It could be a marketing problem.Your house must be promoted where your likely buyer will see it!
  • It could be an accessibility problemRestricted showings (only on weekends, 24 hour notice, seller’s agent must accompany showings, no lock box) are never a good thing when trying to sell.  Anything that limits a ready willing and able buyer prospect from viewing your home is a major obstacle to selling.
If your listing has expired or is about to expire think about it seriously.

Where is the problem?  It is not because no one is buying homes these days.

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