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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Home: Stand Out-Be Noticed-Be Remembered

Sellers must do only one thing to get a buyer for their home.  Here is it in a nutshell...stand out - be noticed - be remembered.

The key is to make sure you stand out for the correct reason like
  • attractive price (not the same as lowest
  • value offered (not the same as lowest price) 
  • tastefully presented 
  • nice curb appeal 
  • inviting entrance
What are some of the wrong ways to stand out?  If you have ever shopped for a home you have possibly seen them like
  • Unappealing exterior/poor landscaping 
  • too much clutter for the space 
  • dirty (if you can smell it, can't sell it) 
  • pets jumping all over prospects trying to see the home
  • highly personalized paint/wallpaper (think neutral)
  • unbelievable price (as in what were they thing?) 
To sell your Brevard County home, whether located in Wyndham at Duran in Viera or Chelsea Park in Rockledge, it must stand out in the mind of a prospect when they pull into your driveway and be remembered after they walk out the front door.

Remembered for the right reason, of course!

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