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Monday, March 26, 2012

Association Restrictions - Know what they are before buying...

As part of the purchase process in Florida buyers have a right (opportunity) to review association rules before purchasing a home or condo in a complex where association membership is required.

It is extremely important buyers actually read and understand these restrictions in advance.

Don't let restrictions on paint color, putting up a fence or parking your vehicle outside of your garage be a surprise when you get a warning notice from the association!

The condo lifestyle is quite different from the single family lifestyle and the restrictions are probably a bit more constricting.

Things like pets, if allowed, may be regulated.  Specific breeds may be disallowed completely while other breeds may be welcome as long as they fall within a weight limit.

Many times these restrictions relate to insurance policy requirements and are not because the association is not pet friendly!

Another area that should be checked out prior to purchasing is the restrictions of rentals.  If you are a part time resident perhaps you will want to lease your condo for part of the year.  If rentals are allowed many units restrict the minimum period to 3 or 6 months.

Take my advice - if there is an association, read the by laws and rules.  And if you have a question - ask a qualified person for an explanation (an attorney, not your real estate agent).

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