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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Home Buyer Tip – Having a Realtor® Du Jour is not the way to go!

I spoke this morning with a lady who was calling about a home I have listed for sale in Rockledge.  This particular property is under contract right now but I offered my assistance in finding other proeprties if she was not working with another real estate agent.

She declined my offer because she prefers to call the listing agent as that will allow her to get the the "best price possible."

I explained that the listing real estate agent works for the seller and has an obligation to represent the seller's best interest - not the buyer.

Still she contended the seller would cut the price because the listing agent will reduce their commission.

I wished her luck as there was no way I could change her mind.

If you are a home buyer, especially a first time buyer, you need your own real estate agent.  It does not cost you a penny.   Who pays the buyer's real estate agent?

Having your own real estate agent is the only way to go.  Your real estate agent will research properties to identify only the one's you want to see that fit your budget.  Your real estate agent will make arrangements to show you the home.  Your real estate agent can answer your questions and guide you along the process.  Your real estate agent works for you - not the seller!

In Brevard County, Florida I want to be your real estate agent!

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