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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Home Buyer Tip - If it is not "permanent" then don’t scratch it from your list just yet...

Home buyers always have their lists.  

One list is the price list.  There is always a budget.  I rarely hear anyone say "price is not an object" who really means it!

There is the "must have" list.  Things like size, location, age of construction, special views like the ocean or golf course, etc.

There is the "can't have" list.  Things like traffic, too close to the neighbors, home owner associations, deed restrictions, etc.

I caution buyers to see beyond the negatives like "must have"  granite counter tops, "must have" a pool, "must have" neutral paint or carpet.

Because if all else is right, these are not permanent blemishes!

Sometimes perfect is not available at the time.  But if these missing ingredients are not structural or too costly to achieve later then perfect may still be available.

Look beyond what is and see what can be done later....if the price is right! 

These are the things that can be placed on their "can live with temporarily" list!

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