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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home Buyer Tip–“Don't ask a car salesman if you need a new car.”

Home prices in Brevard County are very attractive right now.  Interest rates are very attractive right now.  And, if there is one thing history has shown about real estate, it is cyclical.

There are a lot of people who would love to buy a home at this time but can't due to current circumstances.   It may be tight mortgage lending requirements, lack of available cash for a down payment, uncertainty in employment, bad credit, or whatever.

If credit is the issue, my advice is simple - work on fixing your credit.   A better credit score will result in a lower interest rate and long term cost when you do purchase a home.

If it is employment uncertainty like many faced with the end of the space shuttle program, why take on and an additional burden and responsibility?

When your thoughts come to something as life changing (and it does) take your time and consider your steps.

Talk to a responsible person whom you trust.

What I mean is "Don't ask a car salesman if you need a new car."  [nothing wrong with car sales professionals] 

There is nothing wrong with renting for a little while longer.

Whether you are considering a purchase or looking to rent for a while, call me if I can assist in any way.

Have a question?  Email me….

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