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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Home Seller Tip - Your MLS Listing Must Cover All the Bases....

MLS systems such as our local Brevard County Multiple Listing Service feed into the larger listing providers like  The Internet exposure provided is tremendous and sellers should make sure their listing input is comprehensive.  [Hint:  After your real estate agent enters the MLS entry ask for a copy to review right away.]

The Brevard MLS system provides space for only 500 characters in the "narrative section" of the listing.  That is really not a lot of characters so make sure only the key characteristics of your home are mentioned.  There are somethings that are not really necessary like "Close to WalMart" and other fluff which does nothing to differentiate your home from the competition.

Also the MLS provides the opportunity for your listing to have up to twelve photos.  Make sure they are used as buyers are visual.  Better yet, have a virtual tour attached to your listing as well.

Finally, with the search capability of computers today it is imperative your listing have all the boxes checked as possible to allow your listing to come up on a specific search.  These coded features include characteristics unique to a property like "side entry" garage or even  "ground floor master" allowing prospective buyers to identify "must have" attributes and save time.

Better yet, it will allow them to find your home quicker!

The MLS system is a powerful marketing tool - especially if used to its maximum capability.

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