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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Selling your house… For Sale By Owner is a Challenge

A few days ago I was waiting to show a home in a Viera neighborhood when I noticed the house next door was a for sale by owner (FSBO).  I decided to find out how much the owner was asking so I knocked on the door.  He was a very cordial gentleman but his price was really high for the neighborhood.

I did not ask why he was not using a Realtor® or hint at the advantages to using a real estate agent to sell your Viera home.   Instead I thanked him, left my card and offered any assistance in the future if the need arises

Selling your home is work.  It is not as easy as many believe in this market.  It is never stress free even if using a real estate agent!  Frustration and patience are now essential ingredients to most transactions!  Do you have the skills to go it alone? 

The method one chooses to sell their home depends on many factors.  I recommend evaluating the methods available to sell your home and choose the one that fits your needs.  If you are in a short sale situation there is little reason to even consider doing it yourself!

If you live in Viera or Rockledge, Florida, give me a call for a free market analysis - even if you are thinking of selling on your own!

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