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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Short Sales - They Happen.

Life is about change. Most of the time the changes are good.  Sometimes the changes are painful and forever life changing.

Events like a death in the family, loss of a job, downsizing, budget cuts, name it, place folks in situations that make lifestyle changes necessary - not a choice.

If events create an inability to make your mortgage payment an issue then perhaps a short sale is the best route.  When meeting your mortgage obligation becomes an issue difficult choices have to be made.

Sure, you love your home and your routine.  But, remember - your house is not your home.  Your home is where and what you make it. Life's storms are temporary.

If you are facing a hardship and must sell your home, a short sale is a better route to consider than just giving in to foreclosure.

Please call me to discuss the short sale process or if you prefer email me.

Regardless of the challenge I suggest you consider the advice of the advice of Jim Collins who in his book Good to Great wrote...
“There is a sense of exhilaration that from facing head-on the hard truth and saying, we will never capitulate.  It might take a long time, but we will find a way to prevail.”

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