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Monday, March 12, 2012

Who is the "most popular short sale real estate agent in Viera?

Real estate transactions are not all alike.  They all have the inevitable “special” twist.  Where that twist shows up in the process is what is the difference. 

With a short sale, the twist is almost always going to involve the lender as short sales always require lender approval of any offer.

I received a call last Sunday from someone who was considering selling a short sale in Three Fountains in Viera.  I know this complex well.  Our brokerage has two short sale condos in Three Fountains in Viera pending lender approval as I write this.

So, I let the caller know we were familiar with the location.  I explained our process for handling the short sale process.  I explained we have a couple of excellent title companies to assist in the negotiations with the lender.

One of the searches this week on my web site (Florida Homes for Sale)  was for "most popular short sale real estate agent in Viera."

I just did a search for "most popular short sale real estate agent in viera" and I am on the first page of Google - actually three times at number two, five and eight entries.   I did not realize I was so popular with the Google search engine! 

If you live in Viera, Suntree or Rockledge Florida and a short sale is a consideration, call me at 321-693-3850 or email me  I do not claim to be the most popular real estate agent in Viera but I am a knowledgeable professional!

If you are considering a short sale click here for a reason you might want to get on it soon!

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