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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brevard County Florida Homes For Sale - Is your Florida Real Estate Agent Keeping in Touch with You?

You are thinking about selling your Viera, Florida home.

You talk with a local real estate agent.  You decide the time is not right – just yet.  Fast forward months…. Now it is the time to sell.

You call the real estate agent’s office but they are no longer there. Hmmm....

What do you do?
  • You could ask where the agent works now. 
  • You could take out the business card they gave you earlier. (You kept it, right?)
  • You could check your emails for their information
  • They could Google the real estate agent's name and go from there.   For example, Gary Waters real state agent.
  • You could take an appointment with whomever happens to be available when you call "the office."
What should you do?

The choices presented above require varying degrees of effort.  The choice one takes will depend greatly on the level of trust and confidence the caller had developed with the original real estate agent.

Real estate transactions (whether buying or selling) is about relationships.   It is about working with one you can trust.

A real estate agent (or any sales oriented professional) should make it a priority to stay in touch with every contact because eventually they may will come calling.

I witnessed this first hand yesterday.  Another broker in the office took the call and the appointment.

Keep in touch with your real estate agent.

Keep in touch with your customers.  I just sent out my e-newsletter this morning.....

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