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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Brevard County, Florida Homes For Sale

I spent a couple of days last week showing homes for sale in Brevard County, Florida – specifically in Viera, West Melbourne, and Melbourne.

Some quick observations...

New ConstructionVery affordable right now. You can build a new home in West Melbourne for less than $150,000 – even lower if you don’t add all the bells and whistles.

A word or two about new construction.  Always take your Realtor@ with you.  Your real estate agent can negotiate for you and it does not cost you a penny.  Who knows how much you could save?

Consider the real value of builder options as the mark up can be quite tremendous.  In my opinion, many of the options are conveniences to go ahead and save time later.

Short sales.  Many sellers do not understand they should be trying to get the most money possible.  Instead I saw some homes that looked as if they were abandoned! A short sale should be approached just as a standard sale - get the most money possible!

Water front is a premium.   Do you really need or care about water front (pond front, that is) at a $15,000 premium?

Some real beauties on the market.   Some homes were staged as if they were getting ready for a photo shoot or HGTV!  Some were so clean, neat and well maintained with superb curb appeal.  These will only be on the market for a short time I am sure.

Priced right.  Of the homes we looked at I was surprised at how reasonable the list prices were and how reasonable they were for the property condition.  Of course the list of properties seen had been "scrubbed" so as to see what were considered good values.  Still, the list was long!

Include utility information.  Many out of town buyers have no idea about utility prices in our market.  If you have copies of an old bill leave it out.  Promote your energy efficiencies!

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