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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Brevard County Florida Real Estate -Will your home’s value be higher next year? In five years?

I can honestly state that over the past year or two I have not been asked the by anyone about the future value of their home.

I think that is because, as a whole, folks have learned a difficult about speculating on future value and investing in real estate.

About six or eight years ago in Brevard County, Florida (as well as elsewhere) investment in residential real estate went wild.  Anyone in the area now can tell you about the wild ride. 

Property values (on paper) were skyrocketing.   Everyone was happy – including the taxing authorities.

Then it ended.

Now buyers, sellers and all home owners are dealing with the reality of falling prices, short sales, foreclosures and realistic prices!

When purchasing a residence whether a primary residence or second/vacation home, keep one thing in mind….
  Your residence is an investment in your quality of life first and lifestyle.
That is the reason for buying a home.  It is a home not a savings account.

And if it appreciates in the future that is nice!


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