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Monday, April 02, 2012

Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Information - Exactly how new is "newer?"

My friend, Real Estate Broker Associate Sandy Shores of Melbourne, recently wrote about the importance of dates in real estate sales (And What was the Date on That?).

Her article did not address the many dates like deposits, inspections, association document review times, closings, etc. that are important but rather dates when referring to the age of various items within the property itself.

When sellers complete the Seller's Real Property Disclosure they face questions about the roof, AC system, last survey or termite inspection/treatment, etc.   Depending on how long they have lived in the property some of these dates may be known or a guess.

And then if the property was an investment property the seller has never lived in there is often no record or very little information disclosed.

Exactly how new is "newer?"  Many times the MLS narrative or other marketing materials will describe something as "newer."   Could it be years, months or what?

With major appliances most of the dates are decipherable by most home inspectors.  I don’t know the specifics but serial numbers often indicate manufacture date.  Still, that does not identify purchase or installation date.

I am pleased when I run into a seller who has maintained detailed records through the years and make them available to prospective buyers as well as use them to complete the disclosure.

Key point:  You may not be selling in the near future however keep good records.  It will help sell your home later!

And if you are buying remember these words - "Time is of the essence".  

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