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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Buying a car….Why I hate the process.

I went out looking for a new/almost new car this weekend.  I went out about ten days ago as well.

I am going to buy a new car because I need one otherwise I would not subject myself to the process.

So, I do not have to be sold.

As a Realtor® I believe a house will sell itself.   All I have to do is show the prospective buyer homes that meet their criteria and price range.  And then they decide without any manipulative trick questions.

Similarly I believe a car will sell itself.  

I have yet to find my ideal car dealership where they let you sit in the car, look it over closely and, if there is interest, then ask for help.   This is similar to my 3G approach to holding an open house (Greet, Give relevant information, Go away until needed). 

I did not find the right car last week nor this weekend. 

Hopefully next weekend I will find the right car......


The real estate market in Brevard County Florida is very attractive at this time.  If you are considering buying a house, let me know.   If you are considering selling your home, send me an email for a free market analysis. 

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