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Friday, April 13, 2012

Buying or Selling Your Brevard County Florida Home - Don’t Get Mad…It’s the process…

Some of us can wake up in the morning just looking for the next thing we can blow up over!  We all have different stress levels.

If we look it is not really difficult to find things that will upset us.  Such can be the case when buying or selling a home.  Whether buyer or seller remember you are an integral part of a process and sometimes things will likely  get hectic.

Sellers may have to contend with no shows, late arrivals or short notice appointments.  Or maybe low ball offers that are just fishing expeditions.  Or an inspection report with findings that may be real or imagined. (OK, maybe not imagined but lets just say nit-picky!)

Buyers may find it stressful when dealing with lenders.  Mortgage processors who are always calling for one more piece of documentation!   Or it could be appraisal that is not quite there.  Or it could be the job transfer, the kids, or whatever.

The key is to remember the process can become so irritating at times you may want to scream. However, the process does not have a face.

As you enter the real estate market prepare yourself for the potential stresses by hiring a real estate professional whom you can communicate with easily and trust.

Stress...amazing how we can react at times....

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