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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Florida Homes For Sale–If searching for a home to buy in Orlando, take a look at Brevard County, Florida

I just read an article on that listed the top ten housing markets searched in March 2012.

I noticed there were a couple of Florida areas in the top ten – especially Orlando at number 10.

I suggest anyone considering buying a home in Florida, especially near Orlando, consider the the Melbourne, Florida area.

Melbourne (Brevard County, Florida) is number 50 on the list of most searched housing markets as well!

After all, Orlando has a median list price of homes for sale of $155,000 while  Brevard County has a median list price in March was $138,000!

Sure Orlando has Disney World and the other theme parks but they don’t have the beaches and water front offerings of Brevard County.

And if one really wants to go to Orlando it is easy enough…less than an hour from most parts of Brevard County!  Brevard County is less congested and, in my opinion, offers a slower pace of life….

When you are ready to buy that vacation home or just slow down, consider Brevard County, Florida.

Call me for information on moving to Brevard County, Florida!

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