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Friday, April 06, 2012

Home Inspections and Seller Property Disclosures – Disclosure is always best.

In Florida sellers are not required to sign or furnish a seller's property disclosurof any kind to prospective buyers.

Still, most often, it is usually done when a real estate agent is involved in any transaction.   It serves as a way to assist sellers in meeting any Florida real estate disclosure requirements.

When it comes to Seller Real Property Disclosures I have seen many variations on them through the years.

I have seen many (primarily investors) where there is no disclosure information provided. The seller simply writes a sentence to the effect "has never lived in property and knows nothing about the property and its history."

At the other extreme I have seen some where the owner's have kept meticulous records and even provide the documentation to support all answers.  I love working with these types!

And then I have seen the ones where the owner  completes the disclosure form  in a hit and miss manner with some questions ignored while others answered completely.  I don't know for certain the questions have been ignored but the questions are pretty easy like ones about roof leaks, etc.

I do not assist any seller in completing the form.  I do advise the same thing – disclose, disclose, disclose.

The last question on the Seller Real Property Disclosure asks if there is anything that has not been addressed that should be disclosed.

My thinking is simply "if it is something you would like to know if you were the buyer, why not disclose it?"

Besides it will likely show up during the property inspection!

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