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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Selling Your Brevard County, Florida Home - It is a team effort!

While speaking with another real estate agent a couple of days ago he mentioned about having been critiqued pretty harshly by one of his sellers about his advertising photos and narrative comments he entered in the MLS system .

After he spent a little time explaining the limitations of the narrative space within the MLS system as well as the other places (web sites, blogs, mailings) he had included further descriptions, they were  convinced to let home get back to work marketing their Viera home (marketing is a verb not a noun.  It is a doing thing).

I understood where they were coming from as most sellers want to be involved in the process.  Sellers should be in involved in the process - considerably at the start and then step back a bit and let the process begin.

After interviewing and hiring their real estate agent they are heavily involved in the process of selling their home including preparation, staging, cleaning, and coordination efforts to schedule showings to meet showing requests.

Once the offer is successfully negotiated their cooperation in getting to the closing table is vital. 

Selling your home is a team effort.

And, as with any successful team, knowing and doing your part is critical to success.

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