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Friday, May 25, 2012

Brevard County, Florida Home Sales - Original List Price vs. Selling Price

It may not sound like a high percentage - 90.6%  - but it is climbing.  It is the percentage of the original listing price homes are selling for in Brevard County, Florida.

In April 2012 homes selling in Brevard County sold for 90.6% of the original list price.   For town house and condo sales the percentage was 91.1% of original list price. 

Still sellers are negotiating some as indicated by the final list to sell ratio of 93% in April 2012.  Seems to me that with a shrinking inventory the percent of original list price would climb as prices creep up as well.

But is it a trend?  We will know more in June when we see May's results.

The above charts provided by Florida Realtors®.

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