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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Brevard County Florida Real Estate Market - Real Estate Bargains are no longer labeled “Short Sale” or “Foreclosure”

I spoke with an out of town investor on Sunday afternoon.  His primary reason for inquiry - real estate bargains in Brevard County, Florida.

The idea of paying pennies on the dollar for a home sounds good.  It is the substance of many dreams.

And really cheap homes can be purchased in Brevard County.   But the buyer must remember this one thing about distressed properties... you may be paying the seller pennies but expect to pay the contractors the remaining pennies.

 You get what you pay for in real estate as well as in life.

Single family homes are selling in Brevard County.  In April 2012 there were 604 single family homes sold in Brevard County, Florida.

And not all of them were distressed properties (short sales or foreclosures).   Last month there were only 138 single family homes sold that were short sales. 

Last month only 87 foreclosure single family homes sold in Brevard.  Of these 61 sold for less than $100,000 (were these the pennies on the dollar homes?).

Still over 330 single family homes sold last month that were not distressed properties.  My guess is many, if not all of them, were real estate bargains not labeled short sale or foreclosure.

It is the the time to buy homes in Brevard County, Florida....

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