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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did you hear the one about the Car Salesman, Dental Hygienist and Real Estate Agent?

Did you hear the one about the car salesman, dental hygienist and real estate agent?   Sounds like a joke, right?

Let me explain.

Yesterday I had my teeth cleaned by my wonderful dental hygienist at The Dental Health Professionals at Viera.  Prompt, professional service with a smile!

Over the past several weeks I have been visiting car dealerships in search of the perfect auto to purchase.  I must admit to feeling a little “Goldilock-ish” as I have sat in so many vehicles.  I have narrowed the choices down to model but now to find the best price.

A couple of weeks ago I showed homes to a buyer prospect.  Then as we got closer to making the choice they popped  "the question."

The question was if I would rebate or reimburse part of my commission from the transaction.

I never had a buyer ask me that question.  

I have never thought about asking for a discount or rebate at the dentist.  They work very hard and provide superb professional service.  They earn their money although I would like to pay less.

The car salesman is doing his job.  I am sure he shows a lot of cars before he gets the buyer to sign on the dotted line.  He earns his commission.  Should I ask him to cut back part of his commission to lower the price of the car?

Now, as a real estate agent in Brevard County, Florida I work hard for my commission.  So I responded ‘no.”

I am self employed, pay my own taxes and other expenses associated with being a small business.  I would love to work with you buying a home in Brevard County, Florida but don’t ask me to give up my commission that is paid by the seller.

If you are selling your Brevard County, Florida home, call me to discuss listing your home.  I will negotiate commission charges to sellers….this is an entirely different transaction.

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