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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Florida Homes For Sale - Buying a Car (part 2)

Earlier this week wrote about my initial adventure into the world of car buying - Buying a car (Why I Hate the Process).   I dislike the process immensely which is one of the reasons I only do it about every six to eight years.

As I stated previously I am going to buy when the right car comes along because I need one.  Need is the operative word here.

I did find a car I really liked and was seriously considering buying it.

I had planned to go back the next day but, being a Florida real estate agent, I got busy over the weekend as that is when most home buyers look for a home.

Although not unexpected the car salesman called me mid-afternoon.  Being busy I asked him to give me his best price on the SUV I liked.

After listening to him talk about how it was the end of the month and he needed to sell one more car...yadda yadda yadda he lets me know his boss "will not allow him to negotiate the price over the phone."

As one who sells homes in Brevard County Florida I have negotiated some pretty big deals over the phone so it can be done for something like an automobile.

My belief is the reason he wants me to be present is to play the game…choreographed so well I am sure!

Perhaps it is easier to “twist” my arm when I am within reach....

He has not called back to give me his best price yet.  I will search for the same vehicle at other Ford dealers in Brevard County, Florida because I did like the vehicle.

But it also gives me time to look at other dealerships as well.

At least he did not say to me the words that guarantee I never return to a dealership –ever.

What can I do to put you and the little lady behind the wheel of this car today?

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