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Monday, May 07, 2012

Is it time for new home builders to become more demanding?

Everyone knows the number of new construction homes in Brevard County is less than it once was a few years ago.  Many of the communities with new construction occurring in places like Viera and West Melbourne do not have”spec” homes on the market any longer.

Buyers who want to buy new construction in Brevard County may now have to wait four to six months at a minimum.

I was told that a couple of times last week by builder representatives in a few of the model homes.

Still, inventory is down, new construction is lagging, prices are low and demand is increasing….Could this be the environment for builders to even raise prices in the future? 

If you are considering new home construction in Brevard County, call me. It may just be the right time to get out front of the rising demand….

Because we all know when demand increases things happen!

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