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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Lost Art of Selling a Car (or a Viera home)....

I have been working at trying to buy a car for about a month now.  It has not been an intense effort but still I have been persistent.  This is perhaps a reflection of it being a process I absolutely detest.

Some of the issues I have run into at dealerships in the area included things like
  • Lack of product knowledge - The salesman did not even know the standard Ford new car warranty period.  
  • Lack of courtesy - Another salesman kept calling us “Lou” and  “Gail” and "George and Linda"…even after we corrected him a couple of times (Gary and Debby seems easy enough).  When they don’t remember your name it makes you feel so insignificant. 
  • Manage customer expectations - Another salesman at a different dealership just told me sorry, don't have anything that you are looking for after I described what I was looking for and my budget.
  • Ignore me there is always another customer - A Hyundai dealership ignored me even after acknowledging my presence.   One guy even told someone would be right with me.  I looked through the windows of a few new cars and no one ever came over.  It was hot, I left. 
These are juts a few of the class acts I met along the way.

 I did buy a car on Sunday at Holler Honda in Orlando, Florida.  They treated me right, with respect and I felt I got a good deal. 

People remember those  who treat them right and give good service.

When you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home, call me.  I know what it means to treat the customer with respect, honesty and professionalism.

And with Viera and Suntree real estate you can be assured - I know my product!

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